Our office has refined our philosophy of care, and what we believe our mission to be. We have transitioned from repair-oriented dentistry to the philosophy of ideal optimal health and wellness. We want to develop better relationships with our patients, so that we can personalize care to the unique needs, wants and values of each individual.

In years past, wst of our time e spent mopatching, scraping, drilling, and filling. Although we provided good repair service, it seemed something was missing. We observed many patients who later returned with still more gum disease and tooth decay. In spite of our diligent efforts, some patients were not getting healthier.

We learned our frustration was not due to lack of interest or dedication, but rather a failure to focus on education, motivation, nutritional counseling and behavior change. Dental school gave me excellent technical training, but the training focused on repairs and mechanics! Through course of study, we were taught about building relationships with people and getting our patients involved in their own health care through behavior change and nutrition. We learned convincingly that health is directly related to active participation.

People always tell me they want a healthy, pain-free, mouth, and to keep all their teeth for life. But I also believe that people want….NO DENTISTRY! No fillings, no crowns, no root canals, no gum surgery, no needles or injections, and no need to come to the office every 3 months! People want freedom from the dentist, and they would like to spend their time and money elsewhere.

Is it possible to give our patients what they want…a healthy smile that feels good, lasts a life-time, and no dentistry? First, we believe that answer lies in education, and encouraging our patients to take responsibility to care for themselves. We encourage our patients to think health first, something they can give themselves, and treatment/repair second.

Our second responsibility is to deliver optimum ideal dental treatment to our patients. If we can help our patients get their mouth healthy first, then we can take the time to restore their teeth so they have the least chance of needing repair again later. If disease is controlled, and breakdown is stopped, treatment can often be phased over time. Our patients can choose to restore their mouths with durable, long lasting and aesthetic restorations, rather than making hasty repairs as they need replacement.

Most dental offices are repair centers that focus on the short-term fix. Patients often become frustrated and disillusioned about what dentistry can do for them. We believe in treatment that will last many years longer than the commonly used silver or plastic materials used for fillings. This philosophy allows our patients to be free from repeated patchwork dentistry. Freedom from dentistry is what we all really want. Working together we can help our patients keep their teeth for a lifetime.

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