Dr. Bernie Knows Teeth! Questions and Answers- Silver fillings

Q: Dr. Bernie are the silver fillings in my teeth safe?

A: Silver, or amalgam, fillings contain mercury. Mercury is a very toxic poison. Mercury vapor can be absorbed into the body tissue and may cause serious health issues. Symptoms ascribed to mercury toxicity include but are not limited to: fatigue, depression, anorexia, insomnia, arthritis, memory loss, nausea, gum disease and headaches. I want to be clear that we make no claims regarding health improvements based on removal of these mercury/silver fillings. Only with a a careful study of blood chemistry can one determine the body’s burden from years of mercury exposure. During my clinical training I took note of how we were taught to handle scrap amalgam- much like it were nuclear waste. For example, one should not touch it. It should be stored under water in a sealed container. For disposal your local health department or recycling agent is to be contacted for pick up. Does that sound safe to you? I use alternative materials that offer all of the advantages of amalgam without the drawbacks.

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