Have you ever walked up to someone and wanted to turn your head or cover your nose once you get close enough to smell their breath? Or maybe you are the person people want to avoid getting too close to? Bad breath is a common problem amongst many people. When bad breath persists from day to day it becomes a chronic problem. This chronic problem known as halitosis can be extremely embarrassing. Mints, mouthwash, gum, and toothpaste act as a temporary fix lasting only minutes. We know that certain foods such as garlic and onions or smoking cigarettes or cigars can be a common cause of temporary bad breath, but there are other contributing factors that cause true, persistent, halitosis. For some people dry mouth is the major cause of their bad breath. Saliva acts as a cleanser and rinses the food particles from your teeth that can later decay and cause odor. When saliva is non-existent odorous bacteria thrives. In some cases chewing gum may help by stimulating the saliva glands. Another major cause of persistent bad breath is gum disease. This includes gum abscesses and mouth sores. Good oral hygiene can contribute to the reduction of bacteria and decaying food particles trapped between teeth, gum pockets, and the small crevices of the tongue. Brushing or using a tongue scraper can remove bacteria from the tongues surface.

If you are suffering from chronic bad breath the first step towards eliminating it is to contact Dr. Bernie to get to the root of the problem. Eliminating bad breath can be life changing!

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